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10 Things Every Beer Loving Star Wars Fan Need

A gift to a science fiction movie fan must be captivating and creative. From branded tee-shirts, accessories to baseball caps, there is a feature that is unique. It is a gift that relates to the person.

There is always something precious that you can give to that beer-loving friend of yours from this list.

Sit back and review your choices with ease!


1. Cloud City 7 A Simple Man Boobs Beer Star Wars Men’s Varsity Jacket

This men’s sweater is a branded product from Cloud City 7.

In designing this jacket, proper detailing brought out the beauty of a neck-fit collar, tight wrist cuffs, and a waistband. Apart from the traditional look of the front, the back view has a picture oh beer mugs for that simple man.

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2. Beer GlassesMI-EShop 14 OZ/0.73 Pint Star Wars Darth Vader Personalized Beer Stein, Hand Craft Beer Mug for Red Wine, Party, Bar

It is a genuine hand-crafted mug with an embossed pattern on the body.

It sure looks like what must have fallen from outer space, as it serves all drinking purpose; from wines to beers. This heat-resistant mug has low-thermal-expansion properties that handle hot beverages very well.

What an uncommon gift to give that beer lover!

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3. Engraved/Personalised BB-8 Star Wars Pint Glass Gift For Birthdays /ChristmasBoys /Men/Dad/Daddy /Grandad

This 6-inch high smooth pint glass is a creative piece from ‘Star Wars’ collections, that allows for customisation.

The personalized space for your thoughts is large enough to take emoticons and forty-five text formats. This is a gift that leaves a lasting impression in the minds of your loved ones.

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  4. Darklife Sith Beer Star Wars Men’s Sweatshirt

This Star Wars men’s sweat sweatshirt is of pure cotton. The sweatshirt by Cloud City 7 offers the very best of durable wears. The cuffs, waistband, and neck-line have a soft grip on the body.

It has a bold image of a filled beer mug and it is trendy when worn with denim.

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5. Darklife Sith Beer Star Wars Men’s T-Shirt

A lot of beer lovers I know do not particularly care if their t-shirts come in polyester or cotton.

The main reason I am careful about my choice of Darklife Sith Beer Star Wars Men’s T-Shirt is that it is a durable material made from high-quality cotton.

No matter the size with which it comes, it is a sure boy fit shirt that my beer folks would love.

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6. Homestia Manual Bear Type Black Wall Mounted Bottle Bartending Tool Beer Opener

A sturdy piece of beer opener designed with special effects of a coarse beer face, which is comfortable when gripped with the palm.

This craft of cast iron is wall mounted, and its unique features ensure that it is visible in a large bar space.

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7. niceEshop(TM) Creative Clear Crystal Skull Pirate Shot Glass Drink Ware Cocktail Bar Beer Cup

The real-life images crafted on this shot glass is engaging. It is multi-functional; it can serve other beverages apart from beer.

My Star Wars friends will love this beer cup, especially one with an image that reminds them of Rose’s body in series- ‘The last Jedi’.

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8. Star Wars Darth Vader and Stormtrooper Set of 2 Glasses. 

This set of 2 Gin glasses come with embossed designs in an unconventional style that is appealing.

The characters of a fiercely looking Darth Vader and Stormtrooper on this gin glasses are of special interest to Star Wars fans.

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9. Star Wars Darth Vader 20 Oz. Ceramic Stein

This ceramic stein has been designed with hard crystalline materials that ensure a smooth feel on the lips.

Compressed into a fine-textured finished mug, the ceramic carries a colorful background for the image of Darth Vader. It is a delightsome possession for beer-loving Star Wars fans.

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  10. Joy Toy “Millennium Falcon” Bottle Opener, Multi-Colour

What is special about this bottle opener is that it is lightweight and it reflects the forceful nature of Stormtroopers.

My Star Wars friends will keep this possession as a bragging right for owning an opener with a fictional character. It is attached to a metal ring that keeps the device intact.

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Presenting a gift item that is customisable or special requires a choice.

There are so many items to give friends and family, but all of them cannot be as unique as some specific souvenirs.

The beneficiary of these recommended items will find a space to have a lasting impression on you.You can be sure that in putting a smile on someone’s face, the gift will be for keeps.