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The 6 Best Drinking Shirts For Beer Lovers!

As beer shirt pundits, we have chosen the 5 best drinking shirts. Only a beer savant would know the significance of wearing a beer shirt and appreciate the magic of wearing one. What’s better than your good ol’ shirt being your loyal drinking companion. These shirts will give you the feel-good factor and allow you to experience a sense of excitement. Going to the pub with your friends? Wear your drinking shirt and tell them to get one too!

Here’s our list of the 6 best drinking shirts.

1. Hawaiian Shirt Red – Romantic Evening

For those special moments with your special partner, this shirt makes the perfect wear for the evening. Impressing your valentine date or celebrating your anniversary, be it in a lavish restaurant bar or a the pub around the corner, this shirt depicting a couple romancing during sunset at the beachside, will give you the courage to stop beating about the bush and let her know you’re truly serious about her!

2. Aloha Funky Caribbean Beach Motorbike Shirt

Are you soon to celebrate your last day of freedom or planning to go to a stag party? Well, this is the shirt you need to wear. A complete message is conveyed through this shirt. A holiday at the Caribbean Beach with beautiful palm trees accompanied with your latest motorbike – signalling strength, independence, drive and ambition. It’s what you’re always going to be about!

3. Weird Fish Leafy Front Pocket Hawaiian Blue

A must-have for the regular beer drinker. This sombre coloured leafy shirt reflects the mood of a serious thinker. They may be quiet, but they like to get to the bottom of things – curiosity is one of their strongest motives. This shirt can be worn when going out to drink alone or having fun with friends. It has a handy front pocket and is popular with our customers. This is great to be worn when going out to the cinema, before or after your pint of ale!

4. Aloha BBQ Green Beer Summer Party


The perfect shirt for the perfect day. This green shirt with large palm trees denotes confidence and creativity. When the summer warmth kicks in, it’s also time to start thinking about heating up the barbecue and what could be better than wearing this cool shirt sipping on chilled beer? After all, it’s always fun having friends and family over for a sunny garden party, who will remember you not only for the succulent barbecued chicken you prepared but also for your stylish and trendsetting look.

5. Hawaiian Beer Bottle and Glass Design Shirt

Thank God it’s Friday! After a long week of hard work, it just makes sense to have a beer. You could be celebrating the victory of your favourite football team or it could be a Saturday and that’s the only day that you’re truly free. Whatever the occasion wearing this shirt will reflect your celebratory mood. The bright colours and beer filled drinking vessels printed on this shirt will surely get others in a euphoric mood too.

6. Pacific Legend Hawaiian Assorted Beer Bottles

If you’re going on holiday this summer then don’t forget to buy this shirt and pack it in your suitcase. It’s a beer enthusiast’s delight. The vibrant colours on this shirt and the depictions of various beer bottles; with a small matching front pocket for your beer bottle opener, makes this shirt the winner hands down. Beyond compare, this is the shirt to wear to get into high-spirits and feel exuberant. Ideal for wearing at the popular beaches at the Caribbean, Hawaii, Goa or Jamaica and to the more local beaches in Southport or Blackpool. Perfect for those beach selfies and even with your friends at the local beer garden. This is the shirt to be seen in to express your tenacity and demonstrate your mettle.

These beer shirts are excellent to wear on any occasion; be it your birthday, your friend’s birthday, you’re going out on a date or for dinner with your other half or even celebrating your long due promotion. Whatever the reason for your cheerful mood, let it be reflected in one of our recommended drinking shirts. They will not only give you the extra attention you deserve but will make you look and feel smarter too.


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