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Does Drinking Beer Fix a Hangover?

Important Note: I am not a doctor so this shouldn’t be taken as medical advice…

You often heard the phrase; “Drink another bottle of beer to fix a hangover”. Although you hardly hear the same people tell you that the body sees alcohol as a poison.

You would not choose to subject your body and its entire digestive system in a state of uncertainty. Nothing destroys the system more than an invasion of more toxins than it can handle. When your body is dehydrated, the blood chemistry is messed up.

What is a Hangover?

A hangover is a combination of dehydrating factors. These factors result from drinking excessive volume of beer. The beer has water as its main component; it is also regarded as a diuretic. Beers have the ability to expand the volume of salt and water content that is often passed out of the bladder.

For the human body to enter a state of hangover, there are some basic conditions that should be. There must have been a process of dehydration. This means, removal of body fluids like water and nutrients. The concentration of alcohol in the beer can also be a catalyst for a hangover.

Especially when mixed with other brands before consumption.

Finally, the rate at which the body retains and metabolizes alcohol is also based on the secretion of a hormone called adrenaline.

What are the Symptoms and Remedies?

The added effects of a hangover are not one-pattern. A hangover effect is a pretty rough one; your bowel is shaky. Your thought process is in a zigzag manner, and your headaches like the surface an of a boy’s brigade drum.

The symptoms of a hangover effect are notable. They manifest in various forms as listed below.

Nausea, headaches, dryness of the tongue, dizziness, and at times a blurry vision.

The cure for a hangover effect is not automatic, it is process a driven one.

Water- Drink plenty water or water-based beverages to restore the body’s lost fluid. Keep a bottle of water (flavored or unflavored), and drink more of it. You might be tempted to drink more beer, but you are afraid of a hangover. While it is recommended that you drink slowly, you must also take water at intervals. Take enough water between.

The more your binge, the more water you discharge from your bladder and sweat pores. Hence, drinking electrolyte-added beverages and water is a helpful practice that ensures a restoration of your wellbeing from some hangover effects.

Sleep- Catch some sleep. When the body relaxes, it has the ability to reset itself to default mode.

Eat- Fruits and vegetables are rich in water content. Some fruits also contain antioxidant. Antioxidants have the potency of spreading oxygen to the cells of the body. They also have the tendency of discharging what the body does not need. Avoid starchy meal, as they can raise the level of blood sugar

Supplements- Take supplements rich in Vitamin C.

Tea- There is a specific ingredient called Chamomile. It is an ingredient in most top quality tea brands. When ingested, chamomile eases stomach cramps. Do not forget that when the human bowel does not get enough water, the stomach gives a painful sign.

Exercise- A couple of exercises that are not strenuous can uplift the body. Exercises cause perspiration. Perspiration is an act of sweating. Sweats expel residual alcohol concentrates through the pores of the skin. With an increased rate of perspiration, the body system will be back to normal. It will get rid of the causative factor behind a hangover.

It sounds painful when you have to subject the body to a series of exercise. A non-complicated exercise to clear hangover includes; going for a workout or a run. This will enhance a speedy recovery that can quell hangover symptoms.

Exercise is a catalyst that kick-starts your metabolism. The way it works is to enhance the circulation of blood. It speeds up the body’s expulsion of alcohol-based toxins. Ensuring that the body cells, tissues, and bloodstream are free.

Sex– Yes, sex could be a remedy. There are claims by a lot of people who experienced a hangover effect before sex. They felt better to a large extent after sex.

Will a hangover be fixed by drinking a beer?

To emphasize, here is a detailed argument that supports this claim. Otherwise, how do we rationalize a causative agent as a remedy?

There are two concepts in beer consumption. The way these concepts relate will either confirm or debunk the argument.

Time concept– the period that covers the rate of beer consumption

Fluid concept– the concentration of ingredients that in contained in a beverage

The rate of successive intake and the volume of intake of beer relates to the time concept. Meanwhile, the amount of salt and water in a beer can either be a waste product to the body or otherwise.

The response is thus, very technical. If the ingredients in beers can increase salt and water content in the bowels, then it can also regulate it.

Drinking beer in a moderate proportion, without gulping it can relieve a hangover. Or, drinking beer with intake of water at regular intervals (between) can also fix a hangover.

Water intake is the best cure for a hangover. As you should know, beer is 90% water and 10% alcohol. If water can be a remedy for a hangover, why shouldn’t a beer as well?

Although a beer might contain some alcohol, the body sees as a poison. The poisonous part of the beer is the 10% content of alcohol. Alcohol as a diuretic causes dehydration, and dehydration can lead to a hangover. Taking a lot of water while drinking a beer can regulate the concentration of alcohol.

If this concentration is reduced, then the effect of a hangover will be reduced. Also, the water intake can make the concentration of alcohol to be insignificant. Then, there would be no hangover effect.

The human body is not wrong for thinking that alcohol is a poison.

This is because; the body only has the ability to process one unit of alcohol within an hour.

You might be thinking; “How could more a beer that has caused a hangover situation fix the same effects”?

The answer is moderation. Taking more of alcohol with ease and ingesting small volumes in slow succession. And diluting your drinking sessions with water at intervals.

Finally, in speeding up an after-binge recovery, take water-based food, fruit or beverage.

Rehydrating your entire system is a blanket term that serves as a remedy.

This will linger until all alcohol leaves your bloodstream.




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10 Beer Related Gifts

If you have beer drinkers as friends or family members, you may think of exquisite gift items to give them. You should search no more because here’s our list 10 beer related gifts to help you find the perfect present for you the beer lover in your life.

1- Adults Braces Fancy Dress Up Halloween Role Play Costume Accessory 

Fanciful and colorful decorative pieces of materials put together to form costume accessories.

The multi-color shades add glamour to your fashion sense. It makes you be easily seen in the crowd.

This brand of braces offers a wide range of colors and designs.  It is not difficult to use because it is very elastic and adjustable.

Braces are also called Suspenders. Using braces is a style of a vintage dress sense that is often substituted for belts. Although, trendy men have accepted this as a fashion statement.

All over the world, this accessory is an added essence to men’s clothing.

Click here to learn more about this product.

 2- 3x Pairs of Mens Novelty Fun Christmas Socks  

Male Christmas socks with woven funny stickers. This is an ideal gift for that man who put a smile on your face.

This 3 pairs of socks add colors to your wardrobe. It is a fabulous gift from Santa Claus that comes in sizes of UK 6-11/Eur 39-45.

Click here to learn more about this product.

3- Bepo Soft unisex sock IF You Can Read This PLEASE Bring Me Some Wine Socks (3 Pairs)

If you need something but you cannot speak, wear this pair of socks. It is made of cotton and polyester. These colorful socks come with funny printed texts. The funny socks have a wide range of variety of shades like; Pink Blue, Pink Grey, Pink Red Grey, White beer, White Black and White Coffee.

This pair of socks is unisex. Women love to have a blend of color shades to their dress sense. This fashion statement of color combination is a trend globally.

Click here to learn more about this product.

4- Children Snorkeling Socks  Ultra Thick Socks Unisex Beach Water Diving Fin Traction Sock for Lake Swimming Pool Boating Sailing Boating

This water diving socks for children is 3-millimeter-thick, and it made from neoprene. The seams are well glued with blind stitches to guarantee warmth for the feet.

It is easy to use because it gives a firm grip on the sole. This scratch resistant product is suitable for walking on the beach as well. This product is also shaped for donning. When worn, it lays flat on the skin with its seams. The glues seams reduce water access into the socks.

When you are at the beach or diving in the sea, your lower limbs are the most sensitive parts of your body.

The material used in the manufacturing process of this product is Neoprene.

Neoprene socks used for snorkeling have the ability to increase the comfort level of your feet.

Neoprene is a by-product of polyester that has undergone synthesis. Polyester is not different from rubber. This helps cover your body, giving it the required heat. It also provides an extra pad around your feet.

Click here to learn more about this product.

5- Star Wars Kylo Ren Pint Glass

This premium quality product comes in a set of four whiskey glasses.

The glasses are dishwasher safe and they come in a various variety.

They are handmade crafts with embossed designs of Star Wars characters. It is an ideal gift for wedding anniversaries and birthday celebrations.

Click here to learn more about this product.

6- Star Wars Rebel Alliance Cognac & Brandy Warmer etched glass. Includes Brandy Glass, Brandy Warmer Stand, Tealight & Tealight Holder. Balloon Glass, Snifter Glass for Brandy, Cognac, Armagnac or Calvados

This brandy warmer has stylish engravings of Star Wars characters. The warmer has a glass holder, and they are safe for the dishwasher.

There is a range of choice for your favorite designs. When purchased, they product will come in postal packaging.

Click here to learn more about this product.

7- Star Wars Rule The Galaxy Kylo Ren Pint Glass

This stylish glass pint looks like a colorful plastic ware from a distance.

It is has designed with Star Wars prints to make it colorful.

A dishwasher is not safe for this product.

Click here to learn more about this product.

8- Star Wars Signature BB8 Steins, White

This white stein has patches of Star Wars signatures.

It is an evolution of traditional beer steins made from ceramic stoneware.

It is a perfect souvenir and a gift item.

In vintage times, traditional beer steins were basically made from pewter in Germany. Although some steins were known to be made of wood, silver, glass, and porcelain as well. It is on record that steins have also been made out of crystal and earthenware.

Due to hygienic conditions, common German beer steins have been made out of glass. This was first used in the 1892 Oktoberfest.

A white stein with decorative prints like Star Wars characters, is a luxury possession. It adds some panache to bingeing.

It adds sophistication to the shelf. A gift like this Star Wars Signature BB8 Steins to a beer-loving friend is certainly an evergreen experience.

Click here to learn more about this product.

9- This Guy Needs A Beer Black Short Sleeve T-Shirt. An original Birthday or Christmas stocking filler gift idea for mum, dad, sister, brother or even your man !

This is an ideal tee-shirt to wear when you really need a beer.

It features colorful prints that are funny.

It also features double stitches on the neckline, and it’s of pure cotton.

Click here to learn more about this product.

10- Stout Beer Design Mens Black Socks. 

This is a pair of black socks that have been specially designed for Stout lovers. It comes in sizes that range from UK 5-12, to fit men. It is made of high-quality cotton.

Click here to learn more about this product.


Getting your beer-loving friends some beer related gifts is no easy task. From the suggestions available above, you will be lucky to make a reasonable choice. You can now meet the expectations of the hardest-to-please beer folk with this range of items.



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10 Things Every Beer Loving Star Wars Fan Need

A gift to a science fiction movie fan must be captivating and creative. From branded tee-shirts, accessories to baseball caps, there is a feature that is unique. It is a gift that relates to the person.

There is always something precious that you can give to that beer-loving friend of yours from this list.

Sit back and review your choices with ease!


1. Cloud City 7 A Simple Man Boobs Beer Star Wars Men’s Varsity Jacket

This men’s sweater is a branded product from Cloud City 7.

In designing this jacket, proper detailing brought out the beauty of a neck-fit collar, tight wrist cuffs, and a waistband. Apart from the traditional look of the front, the back view has a picture oh beer mugs for that simple man.

Click here to learn more about this product.

2. Beer GlassesMI-EShop 14 OZ/0.73 Pint Star Wars Darth Vader Personalized Beer Stein, Hand Craft Beer Mug for Red Wine, Party, Bar

It is a genuine hand-crafted mug with an embossed pattern on the body.

It sure looks like what must have fallen from outer space, as it serves all drinking purpose; from wines to beers. This heat-resistant mug has low-thermal-expansion properties that handle hot beverages very well.

What an uncommon gift to give that beer lover!

Click here to learn more about this product.

3. Engraved/Personalised BB-8 Star Wars Pint Glass Gift For Birthdays /ChristmasBoys /Men/Dad/Daddy /Grandad

This 6-inch high smooth pint glass is a creative piece from ‘Star Wars’ collections, that allows for customisation.

The personalized space for your thoughts is large enough to take emoticons and forty-five text formats. This is a gift that leaves a lasting impression in the minds of your loved ones.

Click here to learn more about this product.

  4. Darklife Sith Beer Star Wars Men’s Sweatshirt

This Star Wars men’s sweat sweatshirt is of pure cotton. The sweatshirt by Cloud City 7 offers the very best of durable wears. The cuffs, waistband, and neck-line have a soft grip on the body.

It has a bold image of a filled beer mug and it is trendy when worn with denim.

Click here to learn more about this product.

5. Darklife Sith Beer Star Wars Men’s T-Shirt

A lot of beer lovers I know do not particularly care if their t-shirts come in polyester or cotton.

The main reason I am careful about my choice of Darklife Sith Beer Star Wars Men’s T-Shirt is that it is a durable material made from high-quality cotton.

No matter the size with which it comes, it is a sure boy fit shirt that my beer folks would love.

Click here to learn more about this product.

6. Homestia Manual Bear Type Black Wall Mounted Bottle Bartending Tool Beer Opener

A sturdy piece of beer opener designed with special effects of a coarse beer face, which is comfortable when gripped with the palm.

This craft of cast iron is wall mounted, and its unique features ensure that it is visible in a large bar space.

Click here to learn more about this product.

7. niceEshop(TM) Creative Clear Crystal Skull Pirate Shot Glass Drink Ware Cocktail Bar Beer Cup

The real-life images crafted on this shot glass is engaging. It is multi-functional; it can serve other beverages apart from beer.

My Star Wars friends will love this beer cup, especially one with an image that reminds them of Rose’s body in series- ‘The last Jedi’.

Click here to learn more about this product.

8. Star Wars Darth Vader and Stormtrooper Set of 2 Glasses. 

This set of 2 Gin glasses come with embossed designs in an unconventional style that is appealing.

The characters of a fiercely looking Darth Vader and Stormtrooper on this gin glasses are of special interest to Star Wars fans.

Click here to learn more about this product.

9. Star Wars Darth Vader 20 Oz. Ceramic Stein

This ceramic stein has been designed with hard crystalline materials that ensure a smooth feel on the lips.

Compressed into a fine-textured finished mug, the ceramic carries a colorful background for the image of Darth Vader. It is a delightsome possession for beer-loving Star Wars fans.

Click here to learn more about this product.

  10. Joy Toy “Millennium Falcon” Bottle Opener, Multi-Colour

What is special about this bottle opener is that it is lightweight and it reflects the forceful nature of Stormtroopers.

My Star Wars friends will keep this possession as a bragging right for owning an opener with a fictional character. It is attached to a metal ring that keeps the device intact.

Click here to learn more about this product.


Presenting a gift item that is customisable or special requires a choice.

There are so many items to give friends and family, but all of them cannot be as unique as some specific souvenirs.

The beneficiary of these recommended items will find a space to have a lasting impression on you.You can be sure that in putting a smile on someone’s face, the gift will be for keeps.


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10 Funny Beer T Shirts That’ll Have You in Stitches

A good t-shirt is always in style. A funny one about beer is even better. Why? Because everyone loves a good laugh, and you’re sure to be the life of the party if you wear one of these t-shirts. There are a lot of funny beer t shirts online, and we’ve compiled only the best ones for your viewing pleasure

Here are 10 of the funniest beer t-shirts:

1. I Make Beer Disappear, What’s Your Superpower?

With superhero movies coming out left and right these days, it can be quite hard to catch up. All the ladies are pining over the ripped dudes in tight clothing. How can you compete with Superman and Batman? Make glass after glass of beer disappear, that’s how. And while you may never get to fly or become a billionaire vigilante, at least you can showcase your beer drinking skills with this cool t-shirt.

View Product

2. Beer Is Not The Answer

There are a lot of questions we ask ourselves throughout the course of a regular day. There are also a lot of questions other people ask of us. It can be downright stressful. So when someone asks you to drink beer with them, there really is only one logical answer: YES. There is no better way to let off some steam than a nice glass of your favourite brew. If you agree, then this t-shirt is clearly for you

View Product

3. Beer On The Dark Side

It’s an age-old belief that the Jedi are good and benevolent, and the Dark side is evil and corrupted. They’ve been fighting for the fate of the galaxy since before we can remember. The Dark side is notorious for their ability to tempt you with power. They can corrupt you to do horrible things for their own agenda. But can the Dark side really be that bad if they have beer? Your move, Yoda.

View Product

4. Football And Beer

Football and beer go together like fish and chips, or hot dogs and mustard. It’s difficult to enjoy one without the other. Indeed for many people, it’s a lifestyle. When you watch a football game live, you’ll be sure to see someone with a beer in their hand in every direction you look. It’s practically inescapable. If you want to be extra-loud about it, you can show your passion for football and beer with this t-shirt.

View Product

5. If Found, Please Return To The Pub

We’ve all been there. When a few drinks turn into a dozen and the next moment you find yourself on the curb in the middle of nowhere. Your memories get hazy and you have to ask a friend what you did all night. Then they say you ran off from the pub and didn’t come back. Yeah, we’ve all definitely been there. It can be a drag. So the next time you go for a big night out, forget self-control and consider wearing this t-shirt instead. It just might save your life.

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6. This Guy Needs A Beer

Are you tired of letting everyone know that you’re a beer drinker? Do you always have to tell them that wine is no good? Well, then let this t-shirt do all the hard work for you! No more having to get up and ordering another round. Now all your friends will be scrambling to get you a cold one, and your hand will never be lonely without a bottle again.

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7. I Find Your Lack Of Beer Disturbing

Darth Vader and Beer, the combination to end all combinations. It’s not like you need a Sith Lord to tell you that you need beer. You already know that. But when this particular Sith Lord tells you to get some beer, you get some beer. No questions asked. Unless you want to be Force choked or have your arm cut off.

View Product

8. The Beer Prayer

We all know that one person who claims that beer is their religion. You know, the one who can’t stop talking about malt quality or the subtle flavor of hops. When they talk about beer, it sounds more like a sermon and less like a well-meaning conversation. If you know someone who simply adores beer, this is exactly the t-shirt for them. The design is a hilarious play on a well-known prayer, made to appease the gods of beer.

View Product

9. BEER: The Essential Element

Which elements do humans absolutely need to survive? You may think it’s carbon or oxygen. But to the average drinker, it’s actually beer. That’s all they need to live. What could go wrong, right? Show your love for science and beer with this extra geeky t-shirt. This design is sure to draw some curious looks from even the most hardcore science fans.

View Product

10. Duff Beer

This one is quite simple. The Simpsons is funny. Beer makes you funny. Wearing this t-shirt brings the comedy to an entirely different level. No one can get enough of Duff Beer. So get a t-shirt that will make even the Duffman proud. Not to mention its simple style makes it perfect for everyday wear. Be like Homer and show your support for the best beer on TV.

View Product

There you have it, 10 of the funniest beer t-shirts available on the internet. You can’t go wrong with any one of them. If you have a beer-drinker in your life, they’re likely to enjoy a funny beer t-shirt. And the next time you feel like cracking a cold one open yourself, get one of these t-shirts and have some well-deserved laughs. And remember, if you’re going to be enjoying a beer in the garden be sure to check out


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Ultimate Gift Guide for the Beer Drinking Star Wars Fans

Looking for a gift to impress your beer loving friend, brother, dad, or even your grandad? Look no further, we have the perfect present in store for you especially if they’re a fan of Star Wars. The festive season is already in full swing so if you’re still wondering what to buy, take a look at our guide. These are great for birthdays, get well soon, anniversaries, and any other occasion.

1. Star Wars Spaceship Valve Metal Keychain Keyring Spaceship Beer Bottle Opener

A two in one keyring with bottle opener. For the die-hard Star Wars fans and beer lovers, this is the perfect gift. Hanging from your car, motorbike or house keys, these cool keyrings are a great way of keeping a bottle opener and reminding you of your favourite Star Wars spaceship.

2. Engraved/Personalised STAR WARS DARTH VADER Pint Glass Tankard Gift For Dad/Daddy/Boys/Men/Birthday/Christmas

“The Force is strong with this one.”  Remember when Vader is commenting on the skills of an X-Wing pilot that is trying to blow up the Death Star? Yes, well this is great to buy to remind your special one of Darth Vader’s powers and definitely the force will be strong with this gift! The great thing is, you can personalise this with a name of your choice.

3. Engraved/Personalised STAR WARS BB8 Pint Glass Tankard Gift For Boys/Men/Dad/Fathers Day/Birthday/Christmas/Daddy

Obi-Wan does finally say, “May the Force be with you” to Anakin in both, “Attack of the Clones” and “Revenge of the Sith.” Your Star Wars friend or relative will love to sip from this beer glass and at the same time reminding him of the famous quote. Personalise this with their name and a message.

4. Star Wars “Stormtrooper” Pint Glass in 2016 Packaging

You’ll probably remember Stormtrooper is a soldier in the Star Wars franchise. The stormtroopers are the main ground force of the Galactic Empire, under the leadership of Emperor Palpatine and his commanders. For those who love Stormtrooper, this good sized glass with a Stormtrooper design, will add mettle to the celebrations. You’ll definitely be putting that Empire back together again with this one. Raise your glass to the rebellion!

5. Infinitely Great Home Decor Center 2pcs Star Wars Awesome Mug Darth Vader Helmet Beer Cup Black Knight Glass 3D Design

A brilliantly designed beer glass in 3D in the shape of Darth Vader’s helmet. You’re going to love drinking from this one and it’s so awesome it could be used as a showpiece reminding you of all the menace of the masked one without the pain of a big lava-planet throwdown.

6. Star Wars C3-PO Signature Steins, Gold

Go for gold and gift this immaculately designed See-Threepio to your friend or relative. This humanoid protocol droid was designed to interact with organics, programmed primarily for etiquette and protocol. This stein is ideal for the suave gentleman. Just as C3-PO’s salvaged nature gave him special qualities that distinguished him from similar droid models, this unique stein will make you stand out from the crowd!

7. Star Wars Kylo Ren Pint Glass

“That lightsaber… It belongs to me!” Your friends will be quoting Kylo Ren’s famous dialogue rather enthusiastically, talking about this lovely Kylo Ren pint glass while drinking their favourite pint of beer. But don’t forget, “We’re not done yet.”

8. Star Wars Large Darth Vader Magnetic Bottle Opener

This beautifully crafted and heavy duty Star Wars Darth Vader Bottle Opener would make an ideal gift for a star wars enthusiast. The added advantage of this gift is that it is magnetic so will stick to your beer fridge very nicely, reminding you of your favourite Star Wars character. The perfect gift for any Star Wars Fan.

9. Vectorbomb Come to The Dark Side, We Have Beer, Funny Mens Hoodie (S to 5XL)

Just like Darth Sidious believed that the source of his dark side power was the universe beyond the edges of the known galaxy, when you gift this to a Star Wars follower, they’re going to feel exactly the same. This fun-filled men’s hoodie with “ Come to the Dark Side, We Have Beer,” printed on the front is going to keep them warm and snuggly in the coming months and evoke the true strength within them. With beer by their side, the force will truly be awakening with this one!

10. Star Wars Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire Set of 2 Pint Glass, beer glass, pub glasses 500ml etched beer glass

A perfect gift for a Star Wars and beer lover who has a companion. This set of two 500ml glasses is the fitting gift for a devotee of Star Wars an avid beer drinker. With the symbols of the Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance carefully sketched on the glasses, these glasses will be a delight for the owner. The Rebel Alliance stood against the Galactic Empire in Star Wars, but with these glasses, they’ll be drinking together in celebration. Cheers!

11. Star Wars R2D2 Magnetic Bottle Opener

This R2D2 magnetic bottle opener will enthral a fan of the smart and spunky droid Artoo. R2D2 may have served a multitude of masters, but this little droid will be loyal to the one. It’s magnetic, so will stick onto your fridge, always handy to open those bottles.

12. Star Wars Darth Vader and Stormtrooper Set of 4 Beer Glasses.

This set of four glasses makes a perfect gift The glasses bring the renowned everlasting spark of Darth Vader and Stormtrooper and merge it with contemporary elegance for the perfect addition to any home. The glasses are generous sized, making them ideal for any beverage served over ice.

Giving a gift is a selfless act that will show that you are thankful. The receiver of any of these recommended gifts will truly feel your gratitude and will be thankful to you for elevating their happiness. Make your loved ones feel special today.