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Draught Beer Dispensers for the Home

Your Guide to Draught Beer Dispensers for the Home

Planning a party, BBQ or other occasion where you need beer to easily available? You need a Beer Dispenser for the home so that your guests can easily refresh their glass by simply turning a tap!

When it comes to choosing a beer dispenser for your home you have a number of different choices. Before we go into the individual products that are available, let’s explore the different types of dispensers on the market.

Type of Draught Beer Dispensers for the home

Draught Beer Taps

A draught beers taps is a premium way to serve you beers at home. These products not only serve your beer in a very convenient way they also chill it and keep it fresh. With a built in chiller these taps are the closet you’ll get to the great tasting beer you usually find in your local bar and pub. They do however require constant power and can only be used with compatible beer kegs.

View our recommended draught beer taps

Beer Barrel Dispensers

Beer barrel dispensers are simple barrel shaped containers with an easy to use tap to pour the beer. One of the cheapest options when it comes to beer dispensers for the home these products rarely have any amazing features such as cooling. They simply offer a quick and easy way to serve beer.

View our recommended beer barrel dispensers

Beer Towers

Similar to a the beer barrel dispensers, beer towers offer a simple way to serve beer, but unlike the barrels offer a few more features such as cooling. Beer towers don’t usually require any power as they can chill your beer using a clever ice system. Don’t worry, you won’t be getting an ice in your actual beer as it’s cleverly contained within a separate compartment. Another great thing about beer towers is that they look amazing when filled as they tower over you guests with their delicious amber liquid.

View our recommended beer towers

So now that you know the different types of home beer dispensers, heres our pick of some of the best products available on Amazon.

Recommended Draft Beer Taps

Philips HD 3620/25 Perfect Draft beer dispenser

The Philips Perfect Draft beer dispenser is a fantastic looking draft beer tap. With a sleek black and chrome design and a fantastic build quility that you would expect from Philips your friends and family won’t fail to be impressed when you serve them a refreshing cool beers from this dispenser.

The display built into the front clearly shows you everything you need to know including the temperature, freshness and the volume of beer left.

It’s also really hygienic and easy to keep clear as all the parts that touch the beer are replaced with each new keg and everything else is wipe clean. The included drip tray can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher.

You have to use compatible kegs, however there is a great range of beers available including Becks, Jupiler, HoegaardenFranziskaner and more!

THE SUB Draught Beer Tap for Home by Krups

The SUB Draught Beer tap is a complete home draught beer tap system. Available in a range of great colours including black, red and grey it certainly looks the business.

Holding 2 litres of beer at a time the SUB uses custom build kegs, called subs. As with other draught beer taps it includes all the features you’d expect including keeping your beer cold and and fresh. Unlike the philips there isn’t a display, but that doesn’t really matter when you consider that this system is over £100 cheaper.

A good selection of beer is available for THE SUB including Heineken, Tiger and Desperados.

Draft Beer Taps to Avoid

H.KOENIG BW1778 Beer Dispenser

The H.Koenig Beer dispenser as good looking tap at a great price. Like the other taps it chills beer and keeps it fresh for up to a month. It’s also one of the cheapest available. However, there is one problem with this tap – it’s really hard to find beer that actually works with it!

The only beer that seems to be available for it is Heineken barrels, however even these are hard to find.

Best avoided.

Recommended Beer Barrel Dispensers

Kilner Barrel Glass Drinks Dispenser with Wooden Stand

The Kilner 1 litre barrel dispenser is the perfect solution for storing and dispensing your precious beer. With an easy pouring tap, stainless steel stopper that doubles as a measure jigger and an elegant wooden stand to Elevate the barrel for an easy pour.

It might be bested suited for the harder stuff like whisky and rum but can still be used for beer. Unlike the taps it won’t keep you beer fresh for long so be sure that you consume it quickly.

The Original spillatore Balloon Coolant Ball

This one is part tower part barrel. Not a traditional barrel in the true sense of the word, but still a great looking beer dispenser for the home.

Like the beer towers, this one does include a separate section for ice to keep your beer nice and cool.

Made from BPA plastic it’s food and drink safe and easy to clean. It’s big too holding a thirst quenching 3.5 litres.

A good choice for your next party

Recommended Beer Tower Dispensers

Ice Core Beverage Dispenser

This is a great looking beer tower that includes a “lazy susan” style rotating base. Holding up to 2.5 litres of beer you won’t need to keep refilling it. Of course you don’t just have to use it for beer, as it can be used with any liquid you like!

It’s great for BBQs and parties, the only thing you’ll need to be careful of is that you lose track of how much beer you’re consuming!

Gadgy ® Beer Tower

At 53cm tall the Gadgy beer tower is certainly an eye catcher. As you’d expect it includes a central ice compartment to keep your beer cool without watering it down.

This tower can hold 2.5 litres of beer, or any other liquid you choose including juices, water or soft drinks.

Easy to clean, although not dishwasher compatible.

The Verdict

There is a plenty of different home beer dispensers to consider, each with there own benefits. When it comes to draught beer taps our favourite is “the sub” which for the price delivers a great pint with a good selection of beers.

If your budget won’t stretch to a draught beer tap we’d go for a tower. Guaranteed to get your guests talking and keep the beer flowing (and cool!) you can’t go wrong for the money.

Happy drinking!

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The 6 Best Drinking Shirts For Beer Lovers!

As beer shirt pundits, we have chosen the 5 best drinking shirts. Only a beer savant would know the significance of wearing a beer shirt and appreciate the magic of wearing one. What’s better than your good ol’ shirt being your loyal drinking companion. These shirts will give you the feel-good factor and allow you to experience a sense of excitement. Going to the pub with your friends? Wear your drinking shirt and tell them to get one too!

Here’s our list of the 6 best drinking shirts.

1. Hawaiian Shirt Red – Romantic Evening

For those special moments with your special partner, this shirt makes the perfect wear for the evening. Impressing your valentine date or celebrating your anniversary, be it in a lavish restaurant bar or a the pub around the corner, this shirt depicting a couple romancing during sunset at the beachside, will give you the courage to stop beating about the bush and let her know you’re truly serious about her!

2. Aloha Funky Caribbean Beach Motorbike Shirt

Are you soon to celebrate your last day of freedom or planning to go to a stag party? Well, this is the shirt you need to wear. A complete message is conveyed through this shirt. A holiday at the Caribbean Beach with beautiful palm trees accompanied with your latest motorbike – signalling strength, independence, drive and ambition. It’s what you’re always going to be about!

3. Weird Fish Leafy Front Pocket Hawaiian Blue

A must-have for the regular beer drinker. This sombre coloured leafy shirt reflects the mood of a serious thinker. They may be quiet, but they like to get to the bottom of things – curiosity is one of their strongest motives. This shirt can be worn when going out to drink alone or having fun with friends. It has a handy front pocket and is popular with our customers. This is great to be worn when going out to the cinema, before or after your pint of ale!

4. Aloha BBQ Green Beer Summer Party


The perfect shirt for the perfect day. This green shirt with large palm trees denotes confidence and creativity. When the summer warmth kicks in, it’s also time to start thinking about heating up the barbecue and what could be better than wearing this cool shirt sipping on chilled beer? After all, it’s always fun having friends and family over for a sunny garden party, who will remember you not only for the succulent barbecued chicken you prepared but also for your stylish and trendsetting look.

5. Hawaiian Beer Bottle and Glass Design Shirt

Thank God it’s Friday! After a long week of hard work, it just makes sense to have a beer. You could be celebrating the victory of your favourite football team or it could be a Saturday and that’s the only day that you’re truly free. Whatever the occasion wearing this shirt will reflect your celebratory mood. The bright colours and beer filled drinking vessels printed on this shirt will surely get others in a euphoric mood too.

6. Pacific Legend Hawaiian Assorted Beer Bottles

If you’re going on holiday this summer then don’t forget to buy this shirt and pack it in your suitcase. It’s a beer enthusiast’s delight. The vibrant colours on this shirt and the depictions of various beer bottles; with a small matching front pocket for your beer bottle opener, makes this shirt the winner hands down. Beyond compare, this is the shirt to wear to get into high-spirits and feel exuberant. Ideal for wearing at the popular beaches at the Caribbean, Hawaii, Goa or Jamaica and to the more local beaches in Southport or Blackpool. Perfect for those beach selfies and even with your friends at the local beer garden. This is the shirt to be seen in to express your tenacity and demonstrate your mettle.

These beer shirts are excellent to wear on any occasion; be it your birthday, your friend’s birthday, you’re going out on a date or for dinner with your other half or even celebrating your long due promotion. Whatever the reason for your cheerful mood, let it be reflected in one of our recommended drinking shirts. They will not only give you the extra attention you deserve but will make you look and feel smarter too.


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7 Reasons Why Beer Is Good For Your Health

What would make you want to drink an ice cold beer? Seeing other people enjoy an ice cold beer? Maybe or maybe not. Come rain or shine, we all know beer drinkers love their pint of beer. What many people don’t know of is that this malted barley alcoholic drink is the third most widely consumed drink in the world after water and tea. Although beer is alcoholic in nature, scientists have discovered that it has many profound health benefits too. Here are the top 7 health reasons to drink your way to good health.

1. Makes Your Bones Stronger:

We have all heard that drinking milk gives us strong bones. But, did anyone tell us that perhaps a pint of beer could do the trick too. A report from International Journal of Endocrinology stated that moderate beer consumption can lead to increased bone density, preventing fractures and osteoporosis. It’s actually the ingredients of beer that makes the bones stronger not the alcohol. Moderation is the key, as scientists have warned that binge-drinking can have the adverse effect and make bones weaker.

2. Anti-inflammatory:

Hops are one of the four essential ingredients in beer along with barley, yeast, and water. Hops are the marquee ingredient behind delicious beer. Hops contain a flavonoid compound, xanthohumol, that may have anti-inflammatory activity and has been used in folk medicine for anti-bacterial functions for thousands of years. A recent study found hops in beer are useful in targeting inflammatory disorders and inflammatory pain.

3. Can Help Prevent Cancer:

Prevention is better than cure. What better preventive medicine could one want? Beer is not only refreshing to drink but another great reason to guzzle it down is that it can prevent cancer. Scientists have revealed that beer holds serious medicinal properties.  Researchers say the hops used to make beer have been found to stop bacterial growth and disease.

4. Makes Your Heart Stronger:

Beer has overtaken red wine as the best daily habit to help avoid having a heart attack according to research. The high levels of vitamin B6 found in beer are thought to be the secret. These prevent the build-up of a harmful chemical in the body, homocysteine, which is known to cause heart disease. Most experts hail red wine as a good heart-protector because of its ability to help prevent blood clots and as it is rich in antioxidants which absorb harmful chemicals. However, this new research suggests that beer may have a slight edge over wine where health is concerned. Here’s to good health.

5. Prevents Kidney Stones:

A study found in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology compared the effects certain beverages had on a person’s chance of developing kidney stones. It was found that daily intakes of sugary drinks could increase the chance of kidney stones, while beer was found to lower the risk.

It was found, people who drank one or more sugar-sweetened colas per day had a 23% increased risk than weekly drinkers. Those who drank sugary, clear non-cola sodas daily, experienced a 33% greater risk than those who drank once a week. A course of some beverages was found to reduce the risk of kidney stones compared to weekly intakes. The risk was reduced to 26% for caffeinated coffee, 2% for orange juice, 11% for tea, 31% for red wine and 33% for white wine. However, the winner of the game was beer, with risks reduced by 41%!

So the next time you’re out shopping, forget the soft drinks, navigate yourself to the beer aisle instead.

6. Helps With Digestion:

Yes, a glass of beer after dinner aids your digestive system. Beer has a host of benefits when it comes to digestion, including the stimulation of gastrin, gastric acid, cholecystokinin and pancreatic enzymes. A recent report in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry stated that beer consumption is connected to gastric acid production and that beer is rich in digestion enhancing ingredients. So, forget the indigestion tablets in your medicine box, head for the fridge instead.

7. Can Help Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease:

It’s the perfect excuse to grab that pint. Drinking beer regularly can aid your memory and ward off Alzheimer’s disease. The vitamin B12 found in beer helps memory and concentration. Maybe drinking that beer while I was studying for finals in college actually helped after all. Researchers at Loyola University in Chicago found that moderate beer drinkers have a 23% less chance to develop Alzheimer’s and dementia than those who don’t drink beer. It’s the silicon in beer which protects your brain from free radicals which lead to neurodegenerative diseases.

There’s bad cholesterol but there’s also good cholesterol – the good news is beer contains the good type and this is found to lower the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s. Drink more beer and your brain will remember you for that!

Call it beer or call it the good old pint, this miracle drink is full of health benefits that will boost your fitness level and improve your overall physical condition. Good things are good in moderation, it’s the same for beer. Drink away because beer will make you more awesome. Cheers!

(P.S. I’m not a doctor and this not medial advice. Remember, you can have too much of a good thing…)

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