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Does Drinking Beer Fix a Hangover?

Important Note: I am not a doctor so this shouldn’t be taken as medical advice…

You often heard the phrase; “Drink another bottle of beer to fix a hangover”. Although you hardly hear the same people tell you that the body sees alcohol as a poison.

You would not choose to subject your body and its entire digestive system in a state of uncertainty. Nothing destroys the system more than an invasion of more toxins than it can handle. When your body is dehydrated, the blood chemistry is messed up.

What is a Hangover?

A hangover is a combination of dehydrating factors. These factors result from drinking excessive volume of beer. The beer has water as its main component; it is also regarded as a diuretic. Beers have the ability to expand the volume of salt and water content that is often passed out of the bladder.

For the human body to enter a state of hangover, there are some basic conditions that should be. There must have been a process of dehydration. This means, removal of body fluids like water and nutrients. The concentration of alcohol in the beer can also be a catalyst for a hangover.

Especially when mixed with other brands before consumption.

Finally, the rate at which the body retains and metabolizes alcohol is also based on the secretion of a hormone called adrenaline.

What are the Symptoms and Remedies?

The added effects of a hangover are not one-pattern. A hangover effect is a pretty rough one; your bowel is shaky. Your thought process is in a zigzag manner, and your headaches like the surface an of a boy’s brigade drum.

The symptoms of a hangover effect are notable. They manifest in various forms as listed below.

Nausea, headaches, dryness of the tongue, dizziness, and at times a blurry vision.

The cure for a hangover effect is not automatic, it is process a driven one.

Water- Drink plenty water or water-based beverages to restore the body’s lost fluid. Keep a bottle of water (flavored or unflavored), and drink more of it. You might be tempted to drink more beer, but you are afraid of a hangover. While it is recommended that you drink slowly, you must also take water at intervals. Take enough water between.

The more your binge, the more water you discharge from your bladder and sweat pores. Hence, drinking electrolyte-added beverages and water is a helpful practice that ensures a restoration of your wellbeing from some hangover effects.

Sleep- Catch some sleep. When the body relaxes, it has the ability to reset itself to default mode.

Eat- Fruits and vegetables are rich in water content. Some fruits also contain antioxidant. Antioxidants have the potency of spreading oxygen to the cells of the body. They also have the tendency of discharging what the body does not need. Avoid starchy meal, as they can raise the level of blood sugar

Supplements- Take supplements rich in Vitamin C.

Tea- There is a specific ingredient called Chamomile. It is an ingredient in most top quality tea brands. When ingested, chamomile eases stomach cramps. Do not forget that when the human bowel does not get enough water, the stomach gives a painful sign.

Exercise- A couple of exercises that are not strenuous can uplift the body. Exercises cause perspiration. Perspiration is an act of sweating. Sweats expel residual alcohol concentrates through the pores of the skin. With an increased rate of perspiration, the body system will be back to normal. It will get rid of the causative factor behind a hangover.

It sounds painful when you have to subject the body to a series of exercise. A non-complicated exercise to clear hangover includes; going for a workout or a run. This will enhance a speedy recovery that can quell hangover symptoms.

Exercise is a catalyst that kick-starts your metabolism. The way it works is to enhance the circulation of blood. It speeds up the body’s expulsion of alcohol-based toxins. Ensuring that the body cells, tissues, and bloodstream are free.

Sex– Yes, sex could be a remedy. There are claims by a lot of people who experienced a hangover effect before sex. They felt better to a large extent after sex.

Will a hangover be fixed by drinking a beer?

To emphasize, here is a detailed argument that supports this claim. Otherwise, how do we rationalize a causative agent as a remedy?

There are two concepts in beer consumption. The way these concepts relate will either confirm or debunk the argument.

Time concept– the period that covers the rate of beer consumption

Fluid concept– the concentration of ingredients that in contained in a beverage

The rate of successive intake and the volume of intake of beer relates to the time concept. Meanwhile, the amount of salt and water in a beer can either be a waste product to the body or otherwise.

The response is thus, very technical. If the ingredients in beers can increase salt and water content in the bowels, then it can also regulate it.

Drinking beer in a moderate proportion, without gulping it can relieve a hangover. Or, drinking beer with intake of water at regular intervals (between) can also fix a hangover.

Water intake is the best cure for a hangover. As you should know, beer is 90% water and 10% alcohol. If water can be a remedy for a hangover, why shouldn’t a beer as well?

Although a beer might contain some alcohol, the body sees as a poison. The poisonous part of the beer is the 10% content of alcohol. Alcohol as a diuretic causes dehydration, and dehydration can lead to a hangover. Taking a lot of water while drinking a beer can regulate the concentration of alcohol.

If this concentration is reduced, then the effect of a hangover will be reduced. Also, the water intake can make the concentration of alcohol to be insignificant. Then, there would be no hangover effect.

The human body is not wrong for thinking that alcohol is a poison.

This is because; the body only has the ability to process one unit of alcohol within an hour.

You might be thinking; “How could more a beer that has caused a hangover situation fix the same effects”?

The answer is moderation. Taking more of alcohol with ease and ingesting small volumes in slow succession. And diluting your drinking sessions with water at intervals.

Finally, in speeding up an after-binge recovery, take water-based food, fruit or beverage.

Rehydrating your entire system is a blanket term that serves as a remedy.

This will linger until all alcohol leaves your bloodstream.